The first ever Stunt International Championship went down in Bulgaria last weekend bringing riders in from the surrounding countries. Reigning EU championship Aras Gibieza took first with Polish killer Marcin "Korzen" Glowacki grabbing second. 

The event was judged by OG stunter AC Farias, Uku Certic of Serbia and Bulgaria's own Jivko Mitev. The individual freestyle was judged by "elements" which included wheelies, stoppie, drift, burnout, acro, switchback and penalties. The riders could earn up to 20 points for each element, leaving the winner with a total of 520 points.

The individual freestyle results were:

  1. Aras Gibieza (Lithuania)
  2. Marcin Glowacki (Poland)
  3. Martin Kratky (Chezch Republic)
  4. Raptowny (Poland)
  5. Jure Krizman (Slovenia)
  6. Milen Kolev (Bulgaria)
  7. Denis Grachev (Russia)
  8. Stefan Steganov (Bulgaria)
  9. Hristo Alipiev (Bulgaria)
  10. Marius Ariton (Romania)

The French riders scheduled to attend unfortunately got held up at the Bulgarian boarder and were unable to enter the country. 

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