Julien Welsch has been training hard, competing across Europe and generally getting it in for the past year since deciding to "go pro." Already a unique rider Julien is creating an image for himself as a one-of-a kind rider on his Street Triple. Check out his amazing new promo video and his interview on his style and amazing Triumph stunt bike.

StuntBums (SB): Tell us a bit about your stunting history, the other brands of bikes you have stunted and how they compare to your Triumph.

Julien “RazerBack” Welsch (JW): My first wheelie was on my Suzuki 500 GSE, a skinny bike, not good for stuntriding. I sold it quick and bought a CB500, one of the strongest bikes I ever had. After one year, I bought an F4i. Hand brake, big sprocket, cage... it was time to practice seriously.

After sometime I got bored of my bike and I wanted a Daytona 675. But Triumph’s were really expensive and you can’t find any parts, so finally I bought a 2005 636. One year later, I decided to quit my job, sell my 636 and begin my new life as a “pro rider” (or maybe I should say “squid pro rider”) So I bought my Street Triple!

SB: What initially made you want to ride the Triumph?

JW: I was bike seller, worked for Yamaha, and got the chance in 2006 to ride the first Daytona. I was loving the sound (like Ferrari), the engine, and to be different. I rode my 636 with full fairing, because everybody was streetfightered. I like to be different. And with the Street Triple you get different stuff. The sound is lovely and different than a boring 4 cylinders, the engine is powerful, and Triumph is smaller than huge brand like Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, more close to their customers, so that means it’s “easier” to get a sponsorship.

SB: Since we all ride Honda's and Kawasaki's, we know all the tricks to keep them running with stunt parts and modifications. What is your experience learning how to work on the Triumph and finding stunt parts?

JW: It’s one of the problems with the bike. You can’t find any stunt part, or any stunt tips (idle, setup...etc.) so you need to be creative, and find everything by yourself. I really want to thank Lukey (from Australia) because he helped me soooo much with the idle setup. For four months I rode a crap handbrake, not safe, so after I asked like 10 people if they would make me one, I drove my van to a small factory close to my home, built a “handbrake setup” with a piece of wood, and then they did it in aluminum. Now I have a dual radial caliper, and the brake is sick! For the cage, and the exhaust I asked Janikator (Stunter 13‘s uncle) and he made me the best cage I ever used! The parts are perfect.

SB: Speaking about style, do you think the Triumph lets you ride differently?

JW: Oh my god, when I watch my old video, with my 636... DISASTER! I’m looking like crap, not comfortable, not strong... The full fairing not helping, but I don’t know, I needed train 3 weeks on a basic tricks, now with the Triumph, after 4 or 5 days I get it! But, you know, Triumph is the perfect bike for me, because I love the engine, the size of the bike, the general equilibrium, while Jorian, for example, is not fond of. The bike is really short, and the engine has the fury! When you are easy, cool, that’s perfect, when you are tired, and stress, you must to be careful! I love my Triumph, I’m always smiling like a dumb ass, when I finish my training session.

SB: Throughout your successful 2010 riding season, Triumph seemed to notice your skill, posting on their blog about your winnings. What are your thoughts on Triumph's support and acceptance of stunt riding? Do they seem more interested in the sport then other manufacturers?

JW: I received a good result this year because first, I change my bike for the Street Triple, and I stopped my job, so I can train all morning, and all afternoon. Like Rafal I have lot of discipline, I eat healthy food, I run every morning, I wake up early. It’s my job now so, you must take it seriously!

Triumph has sponsored Kevin Carmichael for nine years now, so they like stuntriding, but for the moment, they are not really interesting in competition... For the moment...

The only problem with Triumph is : They have Kevin Carmichael, and it’s not a huge brand. For me Kevin, is not a problem, he is older than me so we don’t have the same skill, and kind of ride (he rides a speed triple and Rocket), I do all the competitions, he does more speed tricks and drift, and I make more circle, and technical stuff... I want work with him, he was one of my first “idols”, and we don’t do the exact same thing, I can compliment him, so I hope we can work one day together for Triumph.

Another things about a small factory is; they don’t have the same budget as big brands. BMW for example, has a huge marketing department, and they love working with Pfeiffer, they are pushing hard with him, and creating lot of events with Stuntriding. In France they work with Big Jim, and he gets good deals with them to! Triumph’s marketing is smaller, so they can’t spend all their money in stuntriding. I understand that Stuntriding in Europe, is not successful, but I am working so hard to prove that I can be beneficial for them, I will try my hardest to show them; look – you need me! In the future, I hope to work more with them. It’s not easy to arrive from nowhere, and say, “Hello, my name is Julien Welsch, I want 10 bikes and to come to all your events.” I need to work, prove myself and train hard for sure!

One of my big projects for this year is coming to US for XDL (Indianapolis) and compete at the X-Games. I hope Triumph will be excited by that, and they’ll help me. Yesterday I booked a show at Tridays (the biggest Triumph event in the world, 22,000 people...), so I can’t wait for that event, to show them my skill.

SB: What general advice would you give stunters considering moving to a Triumph?

JW: Go go go, the bike is strong, I don’t have any big problem with it. But please, don’t; ALL of you buy the bike, I still enjoy the rarity of that it, hahaha. If you need any tips, you can ask me on Facebook, or send me a email, I’ll answer for sure. Just one tip: I thinks Street Triple is better to stunt than the Daytona, the engine is more powerful in the low RPM.