Static Moto is running an XDL Indy Sale on all their frames. Order from now until XDL Indy, August and get a $100 discount. If you FIND Aaron Twite, owner of Static Moto at XDL Indy you can get a $200 discount.  Static Moto frames start at $1,150 for a half frame - so if you meet up with Mr. Twite at Indy you could nab your own custom frame for under 1k. Check out for more info.

Rafal "Stunter13" Pasierbek headed to the great USA this week to wreck havok on Stuntwars and XDL Indy. We can't wait to see how he throws down on foreign turf against XDL's finest.

Icon released their fall 2011 gear line up. There are some pretty solid peices including a new version of the Overlord jacket we have been seeing Nick and Ernie rocking at XDL and a pretty sick new helmet called the "Alliance Shakki" - pulling inspiration from Shin perhaps? Well, let's be real, who isn't inspired by Shin?

Australian Triumph rider Lukey Luke laid rubber on the new DC store, which is one of the coolest applications of stunting I have seen in a while, GO LUKE!



Stuntwars is going down at the Central Florida Race Complex, round 3 of the 2011 series. The day will start at 2pm and you can be sure endo's, individual freestyle and Stuntwar's own "stunt cross" will be included in the schedule.