If there is anything you have learned from Facebook, it's that India L-O-V-E-S stunting. They have a popular TV series on MTV "Stunt Mania," their major motorcycle manufacturer Baja Pulsar invited AC Farias out to shoot a stunting commercial, Chris Pfeiffer has been enjoying a stunt tour every year and this spring they brought out Jorian to please the masses of fans. To get the downlow on what's up with the Indian stunt-craze we interviewed India's top professional stunt team. These boys are not only famous in India they have a factory sponsorship as well as the support of some US companies like Icon and K&N. 


  • Principal Sponsor - Bajaj Pulsar
  • Gear Partner - Icon Motorsports
  • Air Filter Partner - K&N Air Filters
  • Performance Partner - Methods Automotive
  • Our Customization Wing - GRz Customs.inc


  • Host team for Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania
  • The number one stunt rider in the country Abishek aka Neo holds a World record for the maximum number of No Handed Sit Down Circle wheelies surpassing stunt riding legend Chris Pfeiffer and International talents like Julien Welsch Razerback and Alex Flores
  • Performed with Freestyle Stunt Riding Champion Chris Pfeiffer twice during his Indian Tours with Redbull in 2010 and 2011
  • Performed for Redbull Speed Street in October 2011 in the most high profile road in the country as part of the promotions for the first ever F1 happening in India.
  • Only Freestyle Stunt Riding team in India to have been sponsored by a big corporate like Bajaj Pulsar.
  • Only Indian Stunt riding team to have been endorsed by International companies like K&N Air Filters and Icon Motorsports.


StuntBums: We all know stunting is pretty popular in India, but we certainly don't know what exactly is going on over there, if you could break it down for us.

Ghost Ryderz: Stunt riding has been going on India for a pretty long time say around 6-7 years. But the last 3-4 years can be marked as the most 'pumped' up season in the Indian stunting scenario. This can be mainly associated with the launch of some good bikes by Indian bike makers as well as the influence of foreign stunt videos on the internet. Add to this a sense of competition in the minds of the youngsters over here, and you have the perfect combo for stunt riding spreading like virus all over.

During the initial years, stunt riding was considered a menace; its better to say that it was a menace on its own. Just like any other street sport, a lot of stunt riders took it to the streets and that actually turned out to be a public nuisance and in general there was a certain degree of 'notorious-ity' associated with stunt riders, stunt bikes as well as stunt teams. But gradually there was this process of evolution which included stunt practices being done in closed areas, usage of proper stunting gear and proper publicity.

One major turning point in the stunting scenario will be colleges inviting motorcycle stunt riders to perform for events at their premises as part of any technical/cultural show. This proved to be a big boost for stunt riders all over the country as this helped them to get a huge impact on the minds of youngsters as well as pump up their publicity too!!

Later the involvement of Bajaj Pulsar and MTV India to bring out a reality television series based on stunt riding called Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania has been a huge success and was efficient in getting stunt riding to the masses. Stunt Mania has just completed it's third season.

It would be bad at our part if we didnt mention Chris Pfeiffer at this point as his visits to India can be said as the catalyst to the ultimate stunting reaction going on here. We were lucky enough to have performed with him at some venues around the country. And today stunting is at once of its best times. People have begun seeing motorcycle stunting as a sport, they come with their families to watch stunt shows and enjoy it. This is something that we never expected from the Indian crowds; but it has happened and we are happy!!

StuntBums: Tell us about the Ghost Ryderz. 

Ghost Ryderz: We are the Ghost Ryderz (GRz in short). The name came up after the famous hollywood flick by Nicholas Cage with an 'almost-similar name was released and was a big hit over here. We started off as a group of guys who share a passion for motorcycles in general. Starting off with city rides which then transformed to long rides and finally transforming into stunt riding, GRz has a long story within itself.

Currently we are India's no:1 stunt riding team with a host of accomplishments. The stunt team consists of 8-10 members out of which 5 stunters  namely Mikhil (aka Phenom), Srikanth(aka Brutus), Abhishek( aka Neo), Senthil (aka Dauntless) and Saravana (aka Damboy) form the core team. The five of us perform round the country for different shows and events, and guess what every one of us love this sport so much that we don't invest our time in anything else!

On a whole, its practice sessions and shows round the year. The five main stunters are from the southern part of India ( Kerala and TamilNadu). We have been practicing stunts for almost the last 4 years. Recently, the shows have outnumbered our practice session though!

As of today the team has performed more than 100 stunt shows and took part in numerous number of promotional and movie shoots.

StuntBums: What bikes do you ride and what are your favorite tricks?

Ghost Ryderz: The bikes over here are single cylinder, around 20-25bhp easy-to handle machines. We use Bajaj Pulsar 220s which are the best Indian manufactured motorcycle available right now for stunt riding. One of the big advantages of these bikes would be their ease of owning and maintenance. We would love to have the big inline-fours though!

Currently our favorite tricks would be combo circles and really long rolling stoppies as these are considered kinda difficult on our small and low powered bikes and we want to prove otherwise.