People are always asking us, "Where can I go and get all the stunt parts I need to setup my bike." We never really had a good answer becuase our industry is so young and not distributed well, but now StunterX is stepping up to the task.

Providing pretty much everything you need to setup a full stuntbike, StunterX is really offering the stunting community something of value: a one stop stunt shop.

Co-owner Jered Mann breaks down the details for us:

StuntBums: Who is part of the team behind StunterX, how did you get involved in stunting and finally start your business dedicated to it?
Jered: The owners of StunterX is Chris Lints and myself (Jered Mann). Chris has been stunting for around 6 years and I started 3 years ago which has become a huge part of our lives which we LOVE!!!!  I (Jered) already owned a bike shop so it only made sense to start offering stunt parts and it has evolved to where we're making a lot of our own parts and even inventing and producing parts that never existed before.
StuntBums: Why did you think our community needs a "stunt shop"?
Jered: You can't just walk into any motorcycle shop (dealership) and have people behind the counter know what the best handbrake set-up or gearing would be for your stunt bike(actually, they probably would look at you funny if you said "handbrake"  But we, as a stunt shop, know and have exactly what stunters need because we all stunt here...StunterX is the pro shop for stunters!
StuntBums: How do you decide which products to carry?
Jered: We carry pretty much everything for stunting even though some of it may not be on our site yet.
StuntBums: What is the number one question you get from stunters regarding parts or bike setups?
Jered: Mostly gearing questions - which depends on the bike and whether someone is more of a street rider or strictly a lot rider.
StuntBums: What is your advice for a new rider starting with a stock bike - what are the top 5 parts you would recommend he/she buys first?
  1. A cage (obviously) lol
  2. A good handbrake set up is so important. A lot of new riders try to cheap out on that  which is a bad idea because that just makes one of the hardest things you'll ever do  in your life even harder and that's learning to stunt. It slow yours progression down in a major way also.
  3. Gearing
  4. Round bar or 12 bar
  5. Subcage
StuntBums: What can people buy from your site and what are your payment/shipping details?
Jered: We have the StunterX steel half frames for the 03-04 636 and the 05-06 636 will be done in Feb. Tank pads, brake reservoir clamp kits. Handbrake set-ups,cages, sub cages, round bars, 12 bars, rear sets...etc. We accept all major credit cards, paypal and we try to ship out asap on everything.
Check their website if you're on the market for anything stunt related and follow their Facebook to stay in the know.