DoctorMotoKawi and the StuntBums both found the same gift under the tree this year: a StunterX brake reservoir kit. A clean, simple solution to a common stunter problem - we haven't installed ours yet, but here is the official word from our Florida correspondent and certified StuntBum, DoctorMotoKawi.  

 Stunter X offers a nifty little kit that helps eliminate the big bulky stock-size brake reservoirs that always seem to be in the way. The kit also cleans up the look of your handbrake setup. Installation is pretty simple and only takes about an hour max. The kit comes with:


  • 1 Brembo 15cc reservoir
  • 1 10" clear brake line
  • 1 Stunter X clamp
  • The kit also comes with some very simple and easy to understand directions to help if you feel lost. 

The first thing you need to do is decide which fork leg you want to mount the reservoir to. Personally, I mounted mine on the adjacent fork leg to keep from kinking the brake line. Next step is to cover any plastic or painted surfaces with rags or shirts to keep from getting any brake fluid on them (brake fluid eats paint).

After you swap the lines out I recommend using safety wire to replace the factory clips that hold on brake lines to keep air out of the system.

Now ideally you should be able to swap out the reservoir and attached line with minimal to no extra bleeding if you do not move the brake levers at all during the swap out process. You will need to hold the reservoir above the master cylinders when you first fill with brake fluid so all air rises to the top and leaves the system.

Once you have done this you are ready to bolt the Brembo reservoir to the Stunter X clamp in the desired location.

Now I have heard people say the reservoir needs to be mounted higher than the master cylinder to work. I have mine mounted directly under the triple which leaves them slightly under the master cylinder and I put about a 5 hour session in on mine without any problems so far. Overall I am very happy with my kit and would recommend it to a friend.

The only thing that I feel I should mention is to be careful not to crush the Brembo reservoir by over tightening the clamp.

Make wheelies. Braaap. -MotoKawi 

Check the company profile on the StunterX shop and their website to purchase the kit which will run you $25.