American stunters, start dusting off the ol' stuntbike because two rad events are on the stunt calendar for Febraury in Florida. StuntWars 10th Anniversary U.S. Open and a new event "StuntJams" are going down and both events are talking about their own TV series.

StuntWars will offer the usual individual freestyle, team event and longest endo competition. StuntWars is also hosting a "Urban Street-Bike Warriors" reunion hosted by the Stone Brothers. Check the website for details or to register and just an FYI our freind DoctorMotoKawi (Joe) will have some free StuntBums sticks there (you just have to find him and sing Rick Astley's, "Never Gonna Give You Up," loudly to him).

StuntJams is a new event by Todd Colbert. The event is hosting a amateur, pro and ladies individual freestyle comp in addition to longest endo and coaster competitions. 

According to their websites, both events will announce payouts soon. 

It's my feeling Florida will soon have more stunt events than early bird specials and senoir citizen discounts. Lucky stunters and retirees - don't forget about XDL coming to Daytona Beach in March!