Christs are cool, but climbing in and out of them is... not so cool. Elevators are the act of jumping from sitting position straight to christ, on two wheels and no hands on the handlebars. OneWheelNeal who seems to be an elevator natural, shows us just how it’s done on his first day attempting this potentially intimidating acro.

Anthony, who's lived through figuring out elevators by himself, started by giving Neal some advice and having him get a feel for the jump while on the rear stands. First thing to think about is sitting back a bit on the seat so during your jump your thighs won't hit your tank and throw your bike to the side. Next think about placing the balls of your feet on your pegs for maximum push and balance when you jump. While your practicing on your stand pay close attention to how your feet land in your tank and try to aim for a comfortable christ stance, so you're as stable as possible when you reach your tank.

Both Anthony and Neal recommend trying these going slow in first gear. While you are more stable at high speeds you’re also more likely to get hurt if you fall and damage your motorcycle as well. Going slow insists you're more precise, but for the sake of your body and bike, it's worth it.

Don’t let Neal’s natural ability intimidate you, most people crash a bit more while learning (we have footage of Anthony wrecking at least 10 of these), but he shows what happens when you just go for it.