Finally, for the first time in the history of the Indianapolis-based XDL finals, the weekend forecast called for all sunshine and not a drop of rain! After an exciting Friday night of Sickest Trick and Sartso Women's Cup finals, the riders were ready to lay it down on the dry asphalt in order to kick off round 1 of the FMF Cup for a very jubilant crowd.

Round 1 kicked off with Josh Borne showing us that he's still alive and kicking after making the F4i -> 636 transition that it seems we've all made (in fact, the XDL rider area is starting to look like a 03/04 636 spec class). Aaron Colton showed up on his new factory-backed Ducati Monster, and after having some actual seat time on it since the X-Games exhibition, showed us that he's adjusting to it quite well. After qualifying 12th yesterday, Ernie Vigil came out and brought the fury which netted him a well-deserved 6th place (make sure you check out his no-handed back in around the 1:28 mark). Moving up the list you have Brian Bubash in 4th, who I couldn't watch enough this weekend, he has such a well-balanced blend of aggressive but yet technical riding all on a highly confused 2003 Yamaha R1 Championship Edition Kawasaki 636. Finally, in the on-going battle between 1st and 2nd for Luke Emmons and Nick Apex, Luke ousted Nick in this round solely based on his flow score, which I think can be accredited to the few bobbles Nick had at the very beginning of his run. Both riders laid down great runs - make sure you catch Luke's solid no-throttle-hand 50/50 circles and Nick's 50/50 drift transition that comes up around the 1:00 minute mark in his video.

Here is the final score sheet for each rider from round 1: