Merry Christmas bums! We all know it's hard to explain what you REALLY want this year to your mom/girlfriend/grandma, so we broke it down. Whether you're on a baller, under $200, under $100 or under $50 budget, we have something that will make any stunter on this planet have a very merry Christmas. 

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Baller Gifts

Steel Frame ($900-$1,500) If you buy your special-stunt-someone a steel frame for Christmas it's safe to say you will be their favorite person ever for a very long time. Still on the cutting edge of stunt-specific products steel frames offer stunters a sturdier ride and a hella good-lookin' one at that! Check these companies to BUY: MotoDoc Stunt Frames | Static Moto | Fuel Forged.

Tony Carbajal Signature Series Exhaust ($499+) Give your stunter the gift of a badass sounding motorcycle! With a Two-Bro's growl and bottom-end power that keeps pro stunter Tony Carbajal happy, this present will give your stunters moto a fine tail. BUY

GPR V4 Sport Stabilizer ($450+) Keep your stunter stable on the front wheel. GPR offers a baller stabilizer which you can actually flip around three endo's on before it starts leaking - we know from experience. BUY


GoPro HD Hero ($299) If you're tired of taking photos and video for your significant other on his/her stunt piece, pick him up a GoPro this year. To put it bluntly, this waterproof cam is the shit, at 1080p and wide angle capabilities your stunter will be capturing footage from every angle imaginable. BUY

Big Rotor Kit ($250+) Bigger is better and yes ladies...we are talking about ROTORS. Pick your stunna up a big rotor kit to give his hands a break and make sure they are ready for more important tasks than wrestling with a lowpowered handbrake. BUY:

Johnny Stay ($250) Johnny P has been making fairing stays longer than most, so it's safe to say they are the most tried and true stays on the market. If your stunter is running full fairing, save him the headache of a broken upper and get him the support he needs! BUY

Under $200 

Icon Field Armor ($80-$140) We all worry from time to time when our stunter is enjoying their hobby which sometimes ends with them being violently thrown down a parking lot. Get them the gear to keep them as safe as possible while living life on the edge. BUY

HT Moto Seats ($105-150) It's the stunt gift that says "I love your buns." High quality, stunt specific seats from HT Moto are the only way to go for stunt seats. BUY

Under $100

RSC Clutch Lever ($80-$105) Get the rider in your life some stunt-bling, an RSC clutch lever. They come in two lengths and various colors. BUY

Sick Innovations Pegs ($60) It's no shock stunters are always breaking any tiny appendage that sticks out of their bike. Get your stunter some rear set fat pegs from SI to keep their bike fly. BUY

On-Point Round Bar ($99) 99 bucks for a sweet flat or round bar is not a bad deal to get your stunter scrapin' tail. Powder coated black they come with all the hardware to mount, it's the perfect stocking stuffer...if you have a serious stocking. BUY

Under $50

Stunter-X Reservoir Clamp Line Kit $25) Brake reservoirs flopping all over your favorite stunters front end is both dangerous and squidly. Grab him/her this brake reservoir clamp line kit to tighten-up their setup. BUY

Street Monsters (€28) If you got an international stunter on your hands, keep his intellectual stunt capacity filled with a year subscription to Street Monsters! 32 bucks keeps your stunter read-up on all things stunt related for an entire year. Remember guys, girls want a guy with brains and hot stunts! BUY

Renthal Grips ($13) It's like socks...but for a stuntbike. We all need them and we all wear them out quickly. Pick up your stunter a set of Renthal Medium compound grips. BUY

Freestyle Gear ($15) Stunt tee's for guys and girls. Whether your stunter is a "#1 Stunta" dude or a "Straightup Kinda Guy" Freestyle Gear is gonna have something to make him smile. BUY

RBF Motul 600 Brake Fluid ($15) Let your stunter spoil his stuntbike with the best brake fluid on the market. It's like caviar for brake-lines. BUY

MityVac Brake Bleeding Kit ($35-$100) Bleeding brakes is a pain in the ass, especially if you're alone in the garage. To speed up the process and make it easier check the brake bleeding kits from brands like MityVac for a gift under $100. BUY

Oil Change ($50) Grab your stunter an K&N oil filter and some Motul to keep the insides of his stunt piece running smooth. (Buy at your local moto store)

Motion Pro Clutch Cable ($20) I know, I know, it doesn't SEEM that exciting, but any serious stunter will appreciate the gift and gesture that you care about their safety on their bike. Snapping clutch cables is common and dangerous, take the time their year to make sure your stunter goes another season with a smooth clutch. (Buy at your local moto store)

Clear Brembo Brake Tubing ($5+) Give your stunter the upper hand on pesky air bubbles in his brakes lines with some clear brake tubing. While it doesn't seem fancy, to a stunter it's the gift that says, "I care about your sanity." *Note - make sure you get the correct diameter for the master on your stunters bike. BUY

For the Girls

StuntBums Team Tee ($22) YES! We have tee's for girls in purple and black...but the purples are flying off the shelves so grab'em fast. Send us an email: to purchase - sorry they are not on the site. 

Freestyle Gear ($15) Stunt tee's for girls - sugar? Check. Spice? Check. STUNTBIKE? CHECK! BUY

Overlord Type 1 ($215) My faaaaaaaaavorite textile ever and sexy to boot. Icon made-over the Overlord for the ladies and it fits like a GLOVE...or how a jacket should fit. Whether your lady rides her own or comes along for the ride on the back, this jacket will keep her safe and stylin'.

Support a Stunter - Gifts by Stunters for Stunters

Tony Carbajal Apparel ($20) Tony is one of the most talented, hardworking dudes in the industry. With an international show schedule he still finds time to learn new tricks on his Kawi all the time. Grab some swag from our man and support a stunter this Christmas! BUY

Team No Limit Apparel ($20) Jason Britton - the man, the myth, the legend. Pick up some threads from this O.G. rider and rock them with pride. BUY

StuntBums Tees and Stickers ($22) We do this cause we love the sport - certainly not for the non-existent pay. If you enjoy the site, pick up a shirt and help us keep the lights on and gas in the Kawi's. BUY Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for all the support this year - see you in the lot in 2012!