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  • NM Fury Birthday Session

    Once upon a time, in a land far far away....6,700 feet above sea level, footbrakes were applied and memories were made...

  • Bikes Over Bangn'

    What does the future of stunt riding hold? An on going question that many have yet to solve..

    I think we could all take example from the Founder of Bikes Over Bangn' - Korta-T

    He isn't asking about the future, he is creating it. Bikes Over Bangn' is more than a brand, it's a family, And Korta is more than just a rider, he is a mentor to many FUTURE stunt riders.

    One of the humblest in the game, Korta has been influencing the younger generation in his Southern California community to cope with the daily struggles of life by teaching them the ropes of stunt riding, and even bringing groups of kids to the lot!

    So if you haven't supported the Bikes Over Bangn' movement yet, I suggest you do.. they are the future of stunt riding!



    - Dustin

  • STUNTS53

    Joel Kirjavainen sent us this clip, his message to us is have fun living this freestyle lifestyle! Thanks Joel!

  • Another Sunday in Austin..

    Check out some true killer Texas freestyle riders enjoying a perfect Sunday Stunday on their fleet of Kawasaki's!