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Learn To Stunt

  • StuntBums: How to Build a Stunt Motorcycle

    A good video if you want to learn to stunt, this should get you started on the first task - setting up your bike! Turning a stock motorcycle into a stuntbike can prove tricky and frusterating, but here are some tips to get you started. Check the full article on building a stuntbike here

  • Kangaroo Stoppie Edu Rodríguez Trainings

    Spanish rider Edu Rodríguez recorded himself learning the "Kangaroo" or "Bunny Hop" endo. The video really shows what it takes to make a sportbike fly in the air! 

  • Drifting Tips

    Some things to remember when trying drifts. 

  • Learning Wheelies

    Some tips for learning wheelies.